Inbound Sales for industrial companies

Sales cycles in industry are often long and complex. On average 5.7 persons are involved in the buying process of your solutions. Without adapted processes, without the right sales enablement content and without the right technology, it’s difficult to make sound forecasts on income that will be generated.

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Help your customers to buy

Your products or solutions are complex and your customers certainly don’t make this kind of investment every day. We help your sales reps to identify and educate the right intermediaries.

Sales Enablement: let’s start with the basics

By relying on the right technologies, the right processes and the right content, Sales Enablement allows you to build sound commercial processes, shared by your teams and finally applied.

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Data analysis

We analyse the data of your sales funnel: duration of the sales cycle, commercial activity, productivity, ROI of your actions.


Audit of your processes

With the help of a half-day workshop involving your marketing teams, we document your customers’ path and identify friction to eliminate and action mechanisms.


Optimisation of your processes

We document your processes and develop simple tools to help your sales reps to identify, contact, qualify and advise the best customers.


Creation of your Sales Playbook

We work with your marketing and sales teams to bring together everything a sales reps needs to know and do in one unique guide. The sales playbook is a great tool for managing and training your teams.


Setup of the HUBSPOT CRM

We integrate and setup your HubSpot CRM. This includes importing your contact databases, segmenting them and fully developing automated information flow essential for your sales teams and your management.


Hubspot sales hub deployment

Email templates, sequences, contact viewing and filters, dashboards and reporting: we equip your sales teams with the best sales enablement technologies on the market to help them to focus on the essentials.

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Accompanying change

We help your sales teams to adapt the way they  sell to the way your customers buy


Getting familiar with the HubSpot CRM and the Sales Hub platform to improve productivity


Training in Inbound Sales methodology and complex sales in industry


Intensive coaching to facilitate adoption and change


Onboarding of your new sales reps with tailor-made training.


"The initial work setting up and training the sales team in our integrated HubSpot CRM means starting prospecting techniques from scratch and training the sales force in the right inbound practices, to be able to be part of a complete digital transformation. “

Pierre Aveline, Natural Origins


Growing by adapting how you sell

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