Customer Success for manufacturers : the Inbound approach

Delighting your customers is the best way to build a sustainable growth for your company. Ensure that you can offer them the best experience throughout their journey with you and turn them into your best ambassadors.

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The customer experience at the heart of your growth

Take the satisfaction pulse of your customers continuously, provide them with the answers they’re expecting when they need them, get rid of friction in the handling of incidents.

Your customers are your best growth lever

Develop an Inbound approach of the customer service that will enable you to get rid of frictions, identify growth opportunities and align your teams.

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Data analysis

We analyse the data from your customer portfolio: duration of the sales cycle, purchasing frequency, handling of incidents, the most frequent requests, commercial activity, productivity, ROI of your actions.


Audit of your processes

With the help of a half-day workshop involving your marketing teams, we document your customers’ path and identify friction and action mechanisms to generate growth.


Optimisation of your processes

We document your processes and develop simple tools to help your support teams to meet your customers’ expectations and exceed them.


Creation of your Customer Service Playbook

We work with your marketing, sales and customer service teams to bring together everything your customer service needs to know and do in one unique guide. The Customer Service playbook is a great tool for managing and training your teams.


Setup of the HUBSPOT CRM

We integrate and define the parameters of the HubSpot CRM. This includes importing your databases, their segmentation and the full parameterisation of automated information flow essential for your customer support teams.


Deployment of the HubSpot Service HUB

Ticket pipelines, knowledge bases, satisfaction surveys, dashboards and reporting: we equip your customer service teams with the best support technologies to help them to focus on the essentials, your customers’ success.

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Accompanying change

We help your customer support teams to adapt their way of managing customer relations to suit the expectations of the latter.


Getting familiar with the HubSpot CRM and the Service Hub platform to improve productivity


Training in Inbound methodology applied to Customer Service


Intensive coaching to facilitate adoption and change


Onboarding of your new customer support employees with tailor-made training.


“Relevant, quick and reactive are the 3 descriptions to assess Nile’s support when putting our inbound marketing strategy in place. Flexibility and efficiency for everyday monitoring and improvement actions.”

Christian Tinguely, VOénergies


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