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Inbound and HubSpot experts to help you become autonomous.

We have been successfully practising the Inbound methodology since 2013, whether for our customers or for ourselves. In other words we master the subject. Whatever subject you’re interested in, we can support your marketing, sales and customer service teams to adopt the Inbound mindset to speed up the growth of your industrial company.

Inbound training


Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

Become autonomous to define and implement your Inbound marketing strategy with the HubSpot marketing Hub. Understand and apply the Inbound methodology from A to Z every day, know how to take advantage of HubSpot, that’s the goal we’re aiming for.

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Inbound Sales with HubSpot

Help your sales reps to adopt the Inbound mindset, train them in Inbound sales techniques and the use of the HubSpot CRM and the Hub Sales platform.

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Inbound Service and the Hubspot Service Hub

The customer service revised and visited the Inbound way. How can you ensure that your customers receive the answers they expect or can find help when they need it? Train your service teams in Inbound customer relations and the tools of the HubSpot Hub service.

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Build your Flywheel workshop

How can you negotiate a bend and get ahead? This workshop will accompany you so you can do so to the best of your ability. Discover the flywheel growth model for manufacturers.

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Short training courses & Workshops

Marketing, Sales, Customer service... you choose.


Flywheel Workshop

This half-day workshop will help you to understand and adopt the flywheel growth model for your industrial company.

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Video marketing

This one day workshop has the aim of helping you to define a sound Marketing video strategy, to master video production basics and become a pro in front of the camera by involving your colleagues.

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LinkedIn Workshop

This one day workshop has the aim of establishing your audience on LinkedIn, developing your sales and automating your prospecting with the help of tools like Sales Navigator.

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We are one of the first HubSpot agency partners

Whatever the subject and the format you’re interested in, we can help your marketing, sales and customer service teams become more efficient.


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