Who we help and how?

We’re a Growth Agency for industry. We help ambitious manufacturers, from SMB to multinationals to develop their business thorugh the inbound methodology.

Generating qualified leads, acquiring new customers, shortening sales cycles, re-engaging existing customers or developing their loyalty: there are many action mechanisms and rather than whipping out an arsenal of tactics, we prefer to have an overall view to direct our efforts where they’ll have the most meaning and impact.

If you’re simply looking for just another service provider, we’re clearly not the right fit.

We want to become a strategic partner to develop your business and this requires working closely together.

We’re data, process and results-driven. This means that the strategies we roll out with you require a keen understanding of your markets, your customers, your business and the way your company operates.


When do manufacturers call on Nile?

  • You’re having problems making yourself visible among the right people among the accounts or on the markets you’re targeting.
  • You’re not generating enough new qualified leads to build a sound, consistent commercial pipeline.
  • You’re looking to speed up a long and complex purchasing process.
  • You’re not convinced by the ability of your marketing campaigns to generate satisfactory return on investment.
  • Your customer database is consistent but you have the feeling you’re not performing to your utmost.

How do we help our customers?

Inbound Marketing, Sales and Customer service adapted to the industrial context.

Our global approach to growth problems of course combines an arsenal including web design, SEO (search engine optimisation), marketing content, emailing, sales enablement (sales activation), data analytics and precise and detailed reporting among others.

Growth strategies for ambitious manufacturers who want to increase their revenue and build a scalable and predictable business.

How are we different?

Our niche is manufacturing

We work exclusively with SMB and MSB from the industrial sector.
We simply prefer to act as the surgeon’s scalpel rather than the DIYer’s Swiss army knife.

We excel when we work with industrial companies that sell complex, tailor-made products or solutions that require a highly advisory sales process and most of the time a long sales cycle. 

We vouch for ROI and are committed

If you aren’t generating more qualified opportunities, we’re not doing our job properly.

We consider it to be our responsibility to ensure that the marketing and sales initiatives we manage together generate the return on investment you expect.

Brice Belmat - agence nile

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