Inbound Marketing and Sales rates

How much does inbound marketing and sales cost at Nile?

Before going into detail, here are a few important elements to keep in mind:

  • We don’t have a ready-made miracle recipe. Before we can give you a price and potentially work together, we need to understand where you’re at, where you want to go, what you can do internally and what’s better to entrust to our inbound marketing and sales agency, and how fast you want to reach your objectives.
  • We do not charge by the hour. The scope of everything we do is delineated in advance and the cost is clearly defined. 
  • We apply agile methods and processes and as such we adjust the scope and amplitude of our work to your priorities, month after month.

Evaluation and definition of the scope 

We systematically start with an analysis of the current situation and discuss your objectives. These are the topics we analyze during this first phase:

1. What is the state of the existing- website and social networks in particular - and what is the current performance based on reliable data such as Google Analytics?

2. What specific growth objectives have you set for your business? What type of customers do you specifically want to build your growth on?

3. What "Lifetime Value" do you expect from your new customers? What is the typical buying path they take when they source a new salesperson? 

4.  How much growth do you think you can achieve from your current efforts, e.g. trade shows or networking? 

5. How fast do you want or need to achieve the level of growth you are targeting?

6. What resources can you deploy internally to produce effective and profitable digital marketing and sales activities?

7.  What budget have you set aside to lay the foundations of your digital marketing and sales strategy (redesign of your site if necessary, audit of your content, definition of the strategy)?  What budget do you plan to deploy your strategy on a continuous and long-term basis? 

If you think you are ready to discuss these topics, please make an appointment for a first 15-minute call.

Cost of inbound marketing: let’s start with the foundations

Building solid foundations is essential for achieving your objectives in the long-term. Typically, this construction takes place over 2 to 3 months for a monthly budget usually between 5000 and 10,000 Euros.

This includes creating a plan fully integrated with your business, interviewing your employees and customers or prospects, researching your market and your competitors, rolling out technology to support your plan, creating an initial editorial plan and preparing briefs for drawing up the first blog posts and other advanced content. It’s an fair price to have a ready-to-deploy plan that will guarantee a quick ROI.

Of course, this implies that your website doesn’t require an overhaul – except for a few minor touch-ups to adapt it to the strategy. Otherwise, if you need a new website, we can help you.

Monthly Inbound Marketing & Sales Gameplan

Once the solid foundations have been correctly put in place for your success, we’ll help you to roll out your Game plan month after month at the heart of which the contents are placed. The monthly cost depends mainly on the following factors:

  • The frequency of the creation and publication of new blog tickets
  • The frequency and type of advanced contents planned
  • The frequency and type of campaigns you want to carry out
  • The level of sophistication expected from your activity on social media
  • The role of Nile teams and your own teams and the way the tasks are divided up

The investment to anticipate for an annual gameplan is generally between 3,000 Euros and 12,000 Euros per month, but we also have customers below and others above this range.

The development of a monthly inbound marketing and sales gameplan is an iterative process that generally starts with an open discussion on the objectives to achieve, the speed involved in achieving them, available resources and the budget to set aside. Of course, our contracts set out the scheduled activities each month and the expected deliverables point by point, as well as the respective roles of your teams and those at Nile.

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