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June 17th 2021
100% online

Industrial Growth is a 100% digital event for ambitious manufacturers ! 

We will offer a special and unique experience by demonstrating high quality content with international speakers.


The event for manufacturers 

Above technological and operational excellence, the SMB’s growth deeply needs to change their way of promoting their solutions and to sell them to guarantee an exceptional experience to their customers. 

We assure that we cannot sell future solutions with the past century’s methods. 

There are a lot of events which gather manufacturers about technologies and innovation, but none of them are about marketing, sales, and customer service. 

The Industrial Growth event is launched for CEOs, marketing & sales director in manufacturing businesses who want to improve their way of achieving success in their company. 

The industrial SMB growth levers are marketing, sales and customer service


Why participate to Industrial Growth ?

1/ The program

You'll see keynotes, workshops and feedbacks from famous manufacturers and speakers specifically oriented for manufacturers

2/ To get your head above water

Take time to overview manufacture challenges, to analyse best practices and to compare it with others companies in your sector.

3/ The community

Above the event, you will join a community of manufacturers to go on with them and share best practices. 



Dan Tyre

Dan Tyre

Director - HubSpot

Speaker, author, adviser, mentor, investor, board member

Karim Bouras

Karim Bouras

Investor & CEO Nile

Karim helps ambitious manufacturers to develop their business

Marieke Schabaille

Marieke Schabaille

Account Manager - NILE

Marieke helps manufacturers to achieve their business goals


Renan Devillieres

CEO & co-founder - OSS Ventures


Lydie Hayek-Rocque

Head of Marketing & Digital Group - LPG Systems

Casper Noreen

Casper Noreen Frid

Video Marketing Strategist

Casper is a Copenhagen based digital strategist, and Global Enterprise Sales Manager.

Cedric nguyen

Cedric Nguyen

Program Director & Transformation Manager - Crouzet

Jean Philippe M'fouilou

Jean Philippe M'fouilou

CTO - Blendeez


The program

  • June 17th 2021


01:00PM - 01:30PM

Karim Bouras

Investor & CEO NILE


Industrial Growth - Welcome & Intro


01:30PM - 02:30PM

Dan Tyre

Director - HubSpot


How can organizations can be more inbound to achieve success ?


02:45PM - 03:30PM

Casper Noreen Frid

Video Marketing Strategist


How video marketing is changing marketing in manufacturing ?


03:30PM - 04:15PM

Renan Devillieres

CEO & Co-founder - OSS Ventures


How to build a strong digital environment in manufacturing business ?


04:15PM - 04:50PM

Jean Philippe M'fouilou

CTO - Blendeez


 Breaking down silos


04:55PM - 05:25PM

Lydie Hayeck & Cedric Nguyen

LPG Systems - Crouzet


"How to digitalize our sales in manufacturing business ?"


05:30PM - 06:15PM

Marieke Schabaille

Account Manager - Nile


Why sales account will never call all leads and how to fix this ?




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